Events are complicated!

For more in depth info about events at CIC, check out our Events FAQ:

How do I schedule an event?

If you're thinking about hosting an event in the CIC space please fill out our handy Event Request form. Our staff will reach out to you to let you know if the space is available and to start working out details.

Are there costs for hosting an event?

As a CIC client, you can have up to 6 events for which we can waive the space fee. This limit only applies to events (it does not apply to meetings) and additional events may be approved at CIC’s discretion but would entail a space fee.  Please note that those 6 events might still have “pass along” costs such as cleaning, special setup, staffing, etc.

How many people can come to my event?

As a client, you are always welcome to host meetings and gatherings in our conference rooms, which range in capacity from 4 to 16 (exact capacities can be found at or
The large conference room spaces (Havana, The Showroom, The Venture Cafe) can hold many more people. To use these spaces for an event, please fill out our Event Request Form. 

Can I have events on nights or weekends?

Yes, provided that the space is available and you are on site throughout the duration of the event.
Note: For after hours events, additional cleaning/staffing costs may be incurred.