Can I use any of the conference rooms?

Yes! We have 11 conference rooms and 8 phonebooths (for private calls) in the CIC space, and you are welcome to use any of them. They can be reserved in advance at and, respectively, and like the rest of our amenities, are available to you 24/7.

The details for each specific conference room, including capacities, can be found at However, most of the conference rooms include Bernhardt tables, Herman Miller Aeron chairs, a whiteboard wall, conference phone, and Apple TV. 

CIC StL Coworking members can use CIC@CET conference rooms 24/7 and CIC@4240 conference rooms after business hours and on weekends.


Conference room usage is unmetered but not unlimited. Please be respectful of your usage of this shared resource and limit your bookings to under five hours at a time. Ideally, all-day meetings should be limited to once per quarter, or four such meetings a year.  Lengthy meetings beyond the fourth may be booked at CIC's discretion.  


Please don't! Conference rooms are intended for meetings of 2 or more people, and should be reserved based on the size of your meeting. 

I see a conference room that is booked, but no one has checked in! Can I use the room?

Yes, after a grace period for the original user. Allow 30 minutes for meetings lasting longer than one hour and 15 minutes for any meetings less than an hour before you use the room. After that time, feel free to cancel the existing reservation and make a new one.  

can an offsite associate book a room?

Offsite associates have more limited privileges regarding the space's resources. They are welcome to participate in meetings in the conference rooms as part of their allotted 8 hours per week, provided that a full-time member of their team makes the booking.

Oops! I'm running late for my meeting!

That's okay! We allow a 30 min grace period for meetings longer than one hour and 15 minutes for meetings less than an hour. After that time, if you have not checked in to your meeting, the room is considered up for grabs. 

How can I give out the conference phone number to my colleagues who need to call in? 

Numbers for each conference room and phonebooth can be found on their respective Roomzilla page. 

Can I host a lunch meeting in a conference room?

Yes! You'll need to make arrangements for lunch to be delivered, and you should provide your phone number for the delivery. When your meeting finishes up, please make sure you leave the conference room as you found it. 

Can I have extra chairs in the conference room?

Yes, within reason. Please email

Can you help me connect to the Apple TV?

Yes! There are really helpful instructions posted on the wall, next to the TV. If you're still having trouble, please reach out to our team.