Can I use any of the conference rooms?

Yes! We currently have 13 conference rooms, 10 phone booths (for private calls), and a large events space at CIC@CET. Conference rooms can be reserved in advance at cet.roomzilla.netPhone booths can be reserved at Events in the Showroom must be reserved through the CET Team, but you can check availability at Please fill out our Events Request Form or email, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

CIC StL Coworking members can use CIC@CET conference rooms 24/7 and CIC@4240 conference rooms after business hours and on weekends.


Offsite associates have more limited privileges regarding the space's resources. They are welcome to participate in meetings in the conference rooms as part of their allotted 8 hours per week, provided that a full-time member of their team makes the booking and is present in the meeting.

Can I use the conference rooms after hours?

You can use the conference rooms at any time, as you have 24/7 access to CIC and its offerings.

What is in the conference rooms for my use?

The details for each specific conference room, including capacities, can be found on their respective Roomzilla pages. However, most of the conference rooms include Bernhardt tables, Herman Miller Aeron chairs, a whiteboard wall, conference phone, and Apple TV.

How can I give out the conference phone number to my colleagues who need to call in?

Telephone numbers for each Conference Room and Phone Booth can be found on the rooms' respective Roomzilla pages as well as are posted on the walls in each conference room and on the phone itself.

For how long can I reserve the conference room?

There is not an official limit on conference room usage. However, since there are other clients in our building who would like to use these spaces, please be respectful of your usage of this shared resource and limit your bookings to under five hours at a time. Ideally, all-day meetings should be limited to once per quarter.

Can I use a conference room by myself?

Please don't. Conference rooms are intended for meetings of 2 or more people, and rooms should be reserved based on the size of your meeting. Data Motels are available on the second and third floors of the Dorris Building as a more flexible workspace. 

Can I host a lunch meeting in a conference room?

Yes! You'll need to make arrangements for lunch to be delivered, and you should provide your phone number for the delivery. When your meeting finishes up, please make sure you leave the conference room as you found it.

What should I Do if I need extra chairs in A conference room?

We will do our best to accommodate your meeting! Please do not take chairs from other conference rooms. Other clients book rooms based on their advertised capacity, so missing chairs can cause a major inconvenience for them. Please contact the CET Team if you need additional seating. 


You can use either the "CIC" or "CIC-A" network. No password is needed!