Our network is: CIC or CIC-A, no password is required for either network.


The entire CIC@CET team is here to help you!  If you need anything, please send a note to helpmecet@cic.us.

Conference Rooms

Most of our conference rooms are equipped with Apple TVs for presentations, speakerphones, and a whiteboard wall.  Check out our reservation site, cet.roomzilla.net, for a detailed listing of each room and its amenities. Reservations can be made online at cet.roomzilla.net or on site using the iPad outside the room.  We ask that you please use conference rooms just for meetings, not as private workspace, and try to limit longer meetings (5 + hours) to a couple of times per year.

CIC StL Coworking members can use CIC@CET conference rooms 24/7 and CIC@4240 conference rooms after business hours and on weekends.

Phone booths + Phone Tables

Be considerate when taking calls.  If you need to take short calls in the space, please use the designated tables.  For longer or more private calls, you may reserve a phone booth at cetphonebooths.roomzilla.net or at the iPads outside the phone booths.

Monitors + Private Property in CIC Coworking

Any personal items you want to keep in the space should be stored in your CIC provided storage bin. Please email helpmecet@cic.us with your company name and any logo or text you would like included to request one!

You'll find a few CET provided-monitors for your use, or you may bring in your own monitor. Though we don’t expect there to be issues with damage to personal property, note that any private property not stored in your storage bin is considered a community resource that any member can use for as long as you leave it in the space. Items not stored in your storage bin must be labeled indelibly with your contact information. All items found in CIC Coworking, despite being considered communal, are to be used only in the space and cannot be taken off of the premises except by their owner. CIC does not replace damaged or lost items.


You may use CIC's printers for low-volume printing and copying - remember that printers are a common resource and try to avoid printing overly large jobs.  CIC@CET has a number of printers, for your use.  For information on their locations and instructions for downloading the drivers either contact a CIC team member or got to our printing link at printing.cic.us.


By completing the onboarding google form, you've provided us the information needed to have your access card ready and waiting for you.  Please stop by the Concierge desk to pick up your card, or, email us at helpmecet@cic.us to schedule an appointment.

Guest Policy

As a member of CIC Coworking you may use free guest passes to host guests who would like to work out of the space for a day. (You do not need to use the pass if your guest is just dropping in for a brief meeting).  Stop in at the concierge desk or email helpmecet@cic.us if you’d like to get a day pass for a guest!  Keep in mind that whether they are working from the space or just coming in to meet with you for a few hours, you are responsible for your guest while they are in the space.   

Community Events + Venture Cafe

CET hosts regular programming right down the hall in the (newly updated) ShowRoom.  Check the community bulletin boards located in the kitchens for information on these and other upcoming events at CIC@CET.  If you want to host an event, email helpmecet@cic.us for help with coordination.

As a coworking member, you are also considered an affiliate at the Venture Cafe.  Venture Cafe works to build the St. Louis innovation community with their Thursday evening networking event, held at 4240 Duncan.  Head on over to make some great connections with local innovators.

Pausing CIC Coworking Membership

Planning a trip? If you’ll be traveling (or even taking a staycation) you can pause your CIC Coworking membership for periods of 1 - 3 months. While you are on Pause we will retain your deposit on file; we do still require a 30 day notice period if you decide to leave CIC Coworking permanently while you are on Pause.

We're thrilled to have you in CIC Coworking. Welcome, and enjoy your new workspace!