CIC St. Louis is St. Louis, Missouri’s largest innovation community offering co-working, offices and labs.

Under the EDIMO agreement, your Edinburgh-based company can launch into the US market via the St. Louis region utilizing the co-working space at CIC-St. Louis. This enables your company to grow in a connected, supportive community, comprised of mentors, investors, talent, and collaborators.

It also allows you to be in the midst of innovative companies, both small and large, including Boeing, RGA, Monsanto, Emerson, Purina and Pfizer. These companies are leading the world in military aviation, financial services, AgTech, animal health and health innovation. In addition, the St. Louis region is connected to the entire US via extensive rail, river and road networks, and is home to an international airport.

With its strategic location, globally connected infrastructure, stable fiscal atmosphere, economic diversity, competitive business and labor costs, highly-skilled and hard working talent, quality of life, reliable and inexpensive energy, aggressive and performance-based incentives and a statewide commitment to attracting companies and investment, Missouri is a place where companies come to grow and thrive.

For more information on the St. Louis region and Missouri in general we recommend the following online resources:

Missouri Partnership

Accelerate St. Louis

Both the Missouri Partnership and Accelerate St. Louis are available to assist companies as they evaluate entering the US market via St. Louis.

For more information on launching your US presence at CIC St. Louis, please contact Dougan Sherwood at 617.223.7971 or