Emergency Procedures


You should call 911 in case of an emergency. However, if you want to contact the 50 Milk St Security desk, you may reach them at 617-590-0047.

After hours, if you need to get in touch with a CIC person urgently for an EMERGENCY, please feel free to contact one of the CIC staff: [Scott Panneton, Cell: 978-551-6077] or [Boris Perlovsky, Cell: 857-221-1233].

It is an indicator of trust and investment that our staff is prepared to share their personal numbers with all of you, and we trust that you will use these wisely.



Building evacuations occur only very rarely, but they do occur. Each CIC client company is responsible for its own evacuation.

To summarize the building emergency procedures:

  • The pre-alarm consists of a series of 4 “beeps” repeated 3 times as well as flashing strobe lights and a pre-recorded voice message (“Attention please: the signal tone you have just heard indicates an emergency in this building…”). Together, these signals indicate that there may be an emergency somewhere in 50 Milk Street. You should pay attention to the alarm system and await further instructions. As always, though, use your judgement (if you see smoke or fire, or if your gut is simply telling you to leave, leave).  

  • The evacuation signal, which is an unmistakable high-pitched screech, is broadcast to those areas that should be evacuated. If the evacuation signal sounds on your floor, or if you are instructed to evacuate, please calmly walk to the nearest exit stairwell and leave your floor.

  • Live messages over the voice communication system from 50 Milk Street Security, CBRE (the building management company), and/or the Boston Fire Department may also provide instructions.

CIC is sometimes able to obtain more information about an emergency, and may relay it to you over email, but this is an alternate alerting system on which you should not rely.

If the evacuation signal (loud screech) has started on a given floor and the nature of the emergency permits it, our staff will attempt to sweep the floor in person to make sure that everyone has evacuated. Our goal is to help anyone who may need special help and to aid the fire department by determining that the floor is indeed completely vacant.

If you are tempted to ignore the evacuation signal, even for a time, we ask you to consider these points:

  • By not leaving you are holding us up, and thus delaying our ability to help others.

  • If a firefighter hears that there may be a person still in a dangerous space, they will go in to get you, even if that means they are risking their lives.  If we are able to determine definitively that there is no one on a given floor when we leave it, this enables them to avoid that risk.

  • While you may feel that it is straightforward for you to evaluate the nature and severity of an evacuation, and you may think you know that it is OK for you to stay in the building, you are most likely not trained to make that judgment and almost certainly do not have complete information. We are fortunate to be cared for in this building by very professional, serious building management personnel who make this decision for all of us. Please honor their work by respecting their directions.



It is important that you notify CIC in advance if you have any handicapped individuals or any other individuals who might have a difficult time descending the emergency staircase.

Each client company should designate two people to be aids to the handicapped person. The handicapped person should be assisted in an evacuation to enter the North stairwell, and should wait on the landing inside the door, or just outside depending on smoke, while others notify the fire department and/or security that that is where they are. Please also review the procedures for handicapped individuals listed in the building emergency evacuation guide.

Of course, in all situations, use your best judgement.