Can I use CIC space for an event?

The Events Team at CIC Cambridge and CIC Boston coordinates a variety of events including programming meetups, pitching exercises , startup workshops, networking receptions, and panel discussions. The types of events we support benefit entrepreneurs by providing the tools, skills, and resources needed to flourish.  

As a client, you have access to CIC’s event spaces for your events provided that you go through a member of the CIC Events Team. Once you’re ready to host an event or a meeting, please fill out the event request form at at least two weeks in advance of your event. A member of the Events Team will reach out to you within one to two business days to review the details.

The CIC Events Team is here to provide support and guidance. We will help you meet all necessary requirements to host your event in the way you envision it.  Our ultimate goal is to enable you to use an event space easily and inexpensively while respecting the CIC community and our philosophy of shared resources. For any meeting or event, you as the CIC client assume the responsibility as the host of the event. This includes taking ownership of the planning and being accountable and present for the meeting or event.



A meeting at CIC is defined as a gathering of fewer than 50 people, which does not involve paid vendors, alcohol, or reconfiguration of the space. For meetings with fewer than 18 people, feel free to book a conference room through Roomzilla ( and contact your community team if you have any questions. To reserve the conference rooms on the 5th floor (Periscope, Windrose, and Compass), please email For meetings with more than 18 people, please fill out the event request form here.



At CIC, a gathering is considered an event if it involves 50 or more people, paid vendors, alcohol, space reconfiguration, and/or the use of multiple rooms. We are happy to assist with finding the best space for your event across both Boston and Cambridge campuses, and can provide catering and parking recommendations. We can also help promote your event throughout CIC’s marketing channels (social media, flyers, online calendar, newsletter, etc.).



We recommend that you provide a guest list for any meetings with more than 10 outside guests so that access through the building security can be smooth and efficient. The guest list should be submitted through this form 48 hours prior to your meeting or event.



CIC’s event space policy is “Leave No Trace,” meaning that we expect all event hosts to leave the space as they found it (or better). For events serving food and alcohol during evening events or on weekends, we are required to schedule and charge for at least one full cleaning of the space per day. This does not apply during weekdays at 50 Milk Street, with events ending before or no later than 9:00 PM.

If you bring alcohol into the space, it must be removed immediately after your event. If you have ice that need to be dumped at the end of the event, please do not dump it into a sink or toilet; either ask your on-site CIC representative about where to dump ice or remove it from the building yourself. Please do not dump it on the street. 

All trash and debris must be properly discarded in the provided receptacles. The Event Host is solely responsible for the removal of all items and property brought into the Premises for the Event on the same day as the end of the Event, unless the Event Host arranges otherwise with CIC’s prior written approval. This includes all decorations, personal property, caterer or vendor property, etc. CIC will charge storage fees of $100 per day for items not removed on the same day as the end of the Event. CIC is not responsible for any property left on the premises, and may dispose of such property immediately and may seek reimbursement from the Event Host for any costs incurred in so doing.