At CIC we’re focussed on building a strong community of innovation focussed, like-minded entrepreneurs and companies. What better way to grow this community than through the people that are already here? We highly encourage our current clients to act as CIC ambassadors and have put together a referral program to thank you for spreading the love. Please find the details and conditions of the referral program below.

  • The CIC referral policy is valid for CIC and non-CIC clients. Anyone who wants to contribute to our community is encouraged to do so.
  • The CIC referral policy is only valid for CIC Rotterdam and excludes any other (future) CIC locations, until mentioned otherwise.
  • A prospective client must indicate your company and/or a specific person currently active within your company as a referrer in writing (via email or contact form) at the first contact with CIC.
  • For existing CIC clients, the referral fee has the value of one month's rent of the incoming client, paid out as a credit to the referrer’s bill after the referred client has been with us for 90 days. Referral fees cannot exceed more than 3 months of the referring clients’ space and service fees per referral.
  • The CIC referral fee can only be discounted on your current rent or credit towards future rent and will not be paid out in cash or any other way.
  • For non-CIC clients, the referral fee has the value of one month’s rent that can be used or put towards a future contract after the referred client has been with us for 90 days. Referral fees cannot exceed more than 3 months of the referring clients’ space and service fees per referral.
  • The CIC referral policy does not work retroactively. A prospective client must have stated you as a referrer prior to signing the contract.
  • If the prospective client was already known to CIC before the introduction was made by the referrer, no commission will be paid out.
  • CIC reserves the right to deny a referral fee at all times.
  • CIC reserves the right to end the referral fee at all times at its discretion.


Stationsplein is full of different options! Let us introduce you to our favourite choices!

  • If you are in the mood for pizza or pasta we would recommend Vapiano.
  • If you are in the mood for nice and warm soup or you didn’t have time to eat your breakfast visit Lebkov.
    On the -1 floor of the building, you can find 'T Winkeltje. A typical Dutch sandwich shop, delicious!
  • Sandwiches are common lunch choice in the Netherlands and we love to get ours at The World, Uit Je Eigen Stad or Subway!
  • In case that you have important lunch meeting and you are looking for great food and prefer to stay indoors, check out The Suicide Club or A Proposito.
  • The newest addition to the GHG building in lunch is Altijd In De Buurt. It's a fun place for a more informal meeting. 

Bon appetite!

Get Fit FOR FREE with CIC!

As part of your CIC membership, you can get access to the Fit For Free gym facilities in the Groot Handelsgebouw. We’ve outlined the details below, but don’t hesitate to contact your Community Team if you have any questions.

What does this entail?

CIC has 50 Fit For Free access cards available on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, that can be used during off peak hours (see below) by CIC onsite members. In order to ensure the best possible usage of this offer, we are asking clients using a card to maintain a minimum frequency of 4 gym visits per month. If you make use of the offer less than 4 times a month, we reserve the right to revoke access and hand your access card to the next person on the waitlist. Receipt of one of the Fit For Free access cards will require signing an agreement that states that you agree with the data transfer from CIC to Fit For Free.

If you would like request a Fit For Free access card please email us at

Who is it for?

All of your onsite team members can request access to Fit For Free. If you would like one of these access cards please reach out to the Community Team. Not sure if you’re an offsite or onsite member? Please ask your head of company or otherwise the Community Team.

What are the access hours?

Off peak access hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 17:00 and Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00.

Anything else I need to know?

This will be an experiment - we may find we can relax this or we may not have a waitlist. Bear with us as we work to make this process smooth. We may choose to expand the number of access cards as our community grows, and we'll continuously assess if the process or the perk can be improved.

All CIC-ers are expected to respect Fit For Free’s house rules and behave accordingly (please consult the Fit For Free reception for an English translation). CIC and Fit For Free reserve the right to deny access in case of misbehaviour. Enjoy!


Sure! We have expended our perks here at CIC since the opening and are very pleased to tell you that we now have:

Shower rooms
Take a hot shower in one of our shower rooms. This way you’re always ready to meet your next big client or investor.
Please feel free to use the towels, toiletries, shampoo and soap, hair dryers and   lockers! The laundry baskets for dirty towels are hidden under the bench seats.

Nursing room
To improve the lives of our ‘momma entrepreneurs’, we provide a comfortable and private nursing room with a fridge.

Game room
Follow the main corridor from Venture Café, grab a snack in our main kitchen, follow the noise of the ping pong ball and you’ll find our funky game room! Accessible 24/7 and stacked with your favourite games. Of course, feel free to bring your own games for the PS4.

Relaxation room
Hidden around the corner of the game room, between offices, you will find our relaxation room which not only is meant for power naps, but also a quiet place for meditation or praying. This room is still in an experimental phase and so we welcome ideas and feedback to help us improve this oasis.

Massage service
Every Thursday and Friday, you can book in a massage right here at CIC. We have a beautiful space currently in use by two different massage therapists. Check out more information below and find your moment to zen!
To book massage's, please visit


The Serenity Club
Christian van den Hoeven
Type: deep tissue and relaxation
€60,00 incl VAT - 60 mins
€30,00 incl VAT - 30 mins


Auxilia do Rosario
Type: holistic

€45,00 ex VAT - 60 mins
€32,50 ex VAT - 30 mins
€ 8,26 ex VAT - 15 mins chair massage 

Please check out Roomzilla for more information and available time slots.

Sugarsnap Foods
Every Thursday, Sugarsnap Foods sell delicious lunches from our Venture Cafe space. Weekly from 12:00 - 1:30 pm.
PIN only! For catering options; please email

Venture Café
Our sister non-profit organisation Venture Café holds a weekly gathering every Thursday between 3 -8 pm which creates a fruitful and relaxing setting for various innovation stakeholders to mingle and connect!  More information can be found via this link.

Global access
Please remember that, when becoming a member here in Rotterdam, you will also have access to every CIC community which can currently be found in the United States (Cambridge, Boston, Saint Louis and Miami). As we are slowly but surely expanding globally your membership to this global innovation network will equally expand.

We’ve come to love The Suicide Club - a members-only restaurant and bar located on the 8th floor here at Groot Handelsgebow and want to share it with you. The team at Suicide Club has offered to skip the application process for all CIC clients. By following the link below you will reach their membership page: fill in all information and mention that you are with CIC so that they can take care of the rest. Members get scoops, special offers, and can make use of of their online reservation system.

Amazon Web Services Credit

Amazon Web Services provides startups with low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. AWS Activate is a program designed to provide startups with resources they need to get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS! CIC'ers get a credit to use in AWS. For more info on how to setup, contact the community team at