Can I share my building access card with my team members?

No, please don't! We are happy to ensure that each member of your team has his or her own keycard.

What if I forget or lose my keys or building access card?

If you forget your keys or building access card, come see us at the Concierge Desk. A member of our team will be happy to make sure you can access your space for the day! If you lose your keys or access card, please let our team know as soon as possible so that we can have the card deactivated or have a replacement key made. We will replace your access card and key at no cost.


If you are adding a new team member, please have your company head or operations representative fill out our Key Card Request Form several days before their arrival. In order to get your new colleague all set-up, we'll need their name, email address, cell phone number, regular vs. offsite vs. intern (please note, interns require an additional form to be submitted) status, and start date. We will also need to know if they need an office phone and what specific spaces they will need access to.

If one of your team members is leaving CET, please email in advance of the date, so that we can get their keycards back and deactivate them.


To determine whether or not someone is an "offsite associate" at CIC, please consider the following:

1) Someone who works out of CIC four days per month or fewer (or up to 8 hours per week) will be classified as an offsite associate.

2) Someone who spends a few days here in a row (e.g., 3 or 4) but is then absent for several months will be classified as an offsite associate (e.g., he/she is based in London, but comes in once a quarter for a few days of meetings).

When will my office or lab be cleaned?

CIC cleaning crews service client spaces between 5 and 10 pm on regular business days. Clients may opt out of this service by emailing their request to If you would like to vacuum your space at other times, please feel free to check out a vacuum cleaner at the Concierge desk during normal business hours. Your trash and recycling will be emptied at the end of each business day, as well, however large cardboard boxes should be broken down and placed in the blue recycling bin outside the Lab Building's loading dock. 

What are the furniture offerings?

We typically offer one teknion desk, one Aeron desk chair, and one teknion caddy file cabinet for each person on your team.

Can I have a whiteboard? Shelves?

Absolutely! Just send an email to to let us know what size whiteboard you'd like or how many shelves you'd like and where to place it in your office.

Does CIC provide office supplies?

We do not typically provide office supplies beyond what you find at our print stations and in our mailroom. However, if you need something in a pinch (i.e. rubber bands, staples, tape), please don't hesitate to come ask us!


We can! Please email: One of our onsite notary publics will respond within 1 business day to set up an appointment. If your need is urgent, please feel free to visit Commerce Bank at 901 South Vandeventer Avenue. They offer notary services for a $2 fee. Please call in advance at (314) 746-7106 or (314) 746-7113 to ensure that a notary will be available.

Can I unlock my office door?

If you have a Salto lock on your office, you can set your door in "office mode" during the daytime hours. This can be done by lifting the internal handle on the door and holding your key over the lock on the outside until it stops beeping. At 6:00pm, the door will automatically lock again, or you can re-lock it yourself before that time by using the same process.

Is my office secure?

Yes, your office is secure. We have camera surveillance throughout the space, and your team has unique access to your office door.

What hours can I get into the building?

You can access the building and gated parking lots 24/7 with your building access card.

What if I have guests?

If you have guests, please direct them to the Concierge Desk at the Sarah Street Entrance. We will give you a call when they arrive and ask you to come to the front desk to greet them.

Can I have food delivered to CIC?

Absolutely! We will give you a call when it arrives, and ask you to come pick it up at the front desk. If you're able, please tip in advance so that the delivery person can be on their way. Otherwise, keep in mind that the delivery person will be waiting at the desk until you come!

To what address should I have my mail sent?

(Your Name)

(Your Company Name)

20 South Sarah Street

St. Louis, MO 63108

Where do I get my mail and packages?

You can pick up your mail from your company's folder in the mail room, which is located near the Sarah Street Entrance. If you receive a package, we will email you a notification and you can pick those up from the bins and shelves in the mailroom.

Where can I place outgoing mail?

Outgoing mail is picked up twice per business day: when the incoming mail is delivered and at the close of business. Outgoing mail can be placed in the wire basket on the corner of the Concierge Desk, and postage is available at the Concierge Desk.

What discounts are offered for FedEx and Ups?

CIC is pleased to offer discounts for shipping with both UPS and FedEx for our clients. For your UPS and Freight needs, please create an account by calling James Venegoni at Worldwide Express at 314.550.5622 and mention that you are a CIC@CET client. For FedEx shipments, AirBills are available in the mailroom to send your items through CET's discounted account. The charges for your FedEx shipments will appear on your monthly invoice.

Where can I leave outgoing packages for UPS/FedEx?

Shipping supplies are available in the mailroom off the Sarah Street lobby. All outgoing packages can be left on the table in the Sarah Street lobby. FedEx Express has a scheduled pick-up at CET between 3:30 and 5 pm at the end of each business day. FedEx Ground and UPS will pick-up items if they are making a delivery, but they do not make regularly scheduled pick-ups. Clients should contact FedEx Ground or UPS directly to schedule a pick-up to ensure their item is picked up in a timely manner.