Tuesday through Thursday, you can stay right at CIC, thanks to the CIC Lunch Box, which brings some of your favorite vendors right into our Venture Cafe space. Check out to see the updated schedule each week! 

You can also walk outside on most Mondays and Fridays to grab lunch at the Cortex Commons food trucks. Visit for the updated schedule. 

Can I use the kitchen?

Absolutely! Please feel free to grab coffee, snacks, and anything else you might find in the kitchen. Make yourself (and your guests) at home!


What if I want to bring my own food?

We encourage you to bring whatever you'd like to have on site. The refrigerator/freezer on the left is exclusively for this purpose. Please just be sure to label your item with your name and the date, and be respectful of the rest of the CIC community (i.e. don't take up the whole refrigerator, take your food out when it needs to be taken out, etc.) Expired food will be removed every Friday afternoon.


My favorite snack is out of stock. What should I do?

Just send our team an email at and we'll get it filled as soon as we can!


I cut myself while preparing a gourmet meal. Is there any first aid?

Yes! There is a first aid kit in the drawer beneath the bananas. Help yourself to whatever you need and please let us know if it's missing something that you do need. 


Can I work in the kitchen/cafe area?

We'd love it if you did! Nothing is better than seeing our common spaces buzzing with people and conversations. Feel free to work in the space, have small meetings, etc. 


how Can I be greener in the kitchen?

Use our community mugs, cutlery, and tupperware, which can be found in the cabinet above the sink! We also have several dedicated recycling bins around the kitchen, and a compost bin located near the snack cabinets for food scraps. Check out the sign posted above the bin for information on what can go into the compost.


We had a meeting and a bunch of food is left over. Can I leave it in the kitchen?

Definitely. Your fellow CIC community members will thank you for it.


Can I request items that are not currently part of the kitchen offering?

If you'd like to request a new item, send a note to For practical reasons, we can't order every request, but we do review and discuss all of them.