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What kind of event can I do at CIC?

CIC supports events that drive the innovation ecosystem. The content of the events we host should be of interest to entrepreneurs and beneficial to the startup community. A variety of events occur at CIC, such as sector-specific collaborations, programming meetups, pitching exercises, startup workshops, and panel discussions. The types of events we support benefit entrepreneurs by giving them the tools, skills, and resources needed to flourish. 

CIC is first and foremost office space and our primary goal is to provide high quality office services to our clients. We are also happy to offer our clients the use of our event spaces but, since we are not set up to be an event venue, events will need to be approved by CIC staff.

Wait, am I having an event or a meeting?

To determine whether or not something is an Event or a Meeting, please consider the following. If your gathering meets one or more of these criteria, you might be having an event.


Longer than 5 hours
Special setup required

20 or more outside guests
Early morning, after hours, or weekend event start time
Hosted by an outside group, or client will not be on site during the event

Using an event space- Havana, Showroom, Venture Cafe, or any common areas


Shorter than 5 hours
Doing setup on your own
Less than 20 outside guests
Hosted by a Client who will be on site
Start time during Staffed Business Hours (8-5pm at CET, 9-5pm at 4240)

Advertising and Sponsorship

Advertising of events

Events that are free and open to CIC clients can be advertised on CIC’s community bulletin boards. Postings on CIC’s community boards must be approved by CIC staff at the concierge desk. Clients renting space from CIC are welcome to post on CIC’s internal social media network.

CIC Sponsoring/ Donating space

CIC does not currently waive fees for non-client events. Clients are able to book space for free, but may incur some pass-through costs like cleaning, security, or setup fees.

Recurring events or meetups

Event spaces are available to book for Meetup groups and recurring meetings, provided they are after regular business hours. There is a fee to host meetup groups at CIC.