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Parking and Directions


20 S Sarah, St. Louis, MO 63108

Guest and Event parking for CET is available across Forest Park Parkway in the north east corner of the IKEA parking lot.


4240 Duncan, Suite #200, St. Louis, MO 63110

'Guest and Event parking for 4240 is available in an adjacent lot, accessible from Sarah St.



During business hours, staff will be on site to assist with issues during an event. For a fee, an event can request that a staff member be on site during off hours to help with issues.

The building hours for both buildings are listed below. During these times the front doors of both buildings are unlocked. HVAC and Key card Access to the building are 24/7. At this time guests are not required to sign in for events or meetings.
4240 Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, Sa-Su Unstaffed
CET Hours: M-F 8am-5pm, Sa-Su- Unstaffed


Havana and The Showroom can be set up in special pre-determined arrangements. Any other arrangements, the event organizers would be responsible to arrange themselves. Special arrangements can also be requested beforehand and carried out by CIC staff for a fee.

Locked Hallways

If an event room is behind a locked door inside of CIC’s space, you will need to obtain a keycard to access the room. Key cards are given only to event organizers, and must be returned when the event has concluded. Events may be issued a maximum number of 3 event keys.

Setup Time

Events must wait to begin setup until their reservation time. This includes setup time for caterers. Events that need extensive setup may be asked to extend and pay for a longer reservation time.
Depending on the the details of the event, rental items may also be held within the space overnight upon request.

Vendors and Deliveries

For large deliveries and vendors assisting with events (chair and table rentals, AV equipment or staffing, and caterers on site serving food or drink), the event organizer must obtain and present to CIC, a Certificate of Insurance that meets the requirements listed in CIC’s Event Service Agreement.



Similar to conference rooms. CIC’s polity about event spaces is ‘Leave No Trace’. This is true for events in conference rooms and open spaces.
Depending on the details of the event, a group may be asked to pay for cleaning the space after the event concludes. 

SECURITY (at 4240 only)

Security is on the premises 24/7 and extra security to secure and walk the building can be requested for a fee. If event participants or clients would like someone to walk them to their cars, there is a 24/7 phone line that can be called at any time. Depending on details, some events may be required to pay for extra security.