Where do I direct tech-related questions?

For tech-related questions, reach out to helpme4240@cic.us. We will help with whatever we can, and may reach out to our Core Tech Team in Cambridge for additional assistance. 



You can use either the "CIC" or "CIC-A" network and there is no password. To ensure your communication is secure and private, use only encrypted "https" websites (most are). 


Can I have a phone?

Yes, each employee in your office can have his or her own phone line. Please just let us know if you'd like for us to set one up.


Can my phone be forwarded?

Yes, once you get your phone, you will be directed to an online portal where you can forward your calls to another number, send voicemails to your email, etc.


Why isn't my phone working?

The first thing you should check is the port your phone is plugged into. It should be an even-numbered port. Also, check to make sure the DND - Do not Disturb - button is not pushed. If you're still having trouble, let us know and we'll help get it resolved.


Can I have more than one phone?

Yes, if you need more than one phone line, please let us know. However, you will incur additional charges for having additional phones.


Is there a fax machine?

No, there is not a fax machine on site. You can scan to email on our two copiers, and you can request an e-fax number from us, if you would like more secure sending.


How can I print something?

You have unmetered access to all of the printers on the floor. Please be respectful of what and how much you are printing, as these are all shared resources. 

Connect by following the directions for printer installation at printing.cictr.com. If you need additional help, please email us at helpme4240@cic.us and we will help you get set up. 


Are there copying/scanning capabilities?

Yes! Both of our copiers have copying and scanning capabilities.


Can I have an external IP address?

Yes; CIC's Tech Team can get these setup for you. They require a $75 setup fee, and a $25 monthly maintenance fee per IP address. 


Can I host my servers at CIC?

Yes; however, external addresses and additional setup are required. 


Does CIC provide power strips and extension cords?

Absolutely. If you need any of these items, let us know and we'll bring them by.