I'm New! How do I join the Cic miami slack board?

Send an e-mail to helpme@miami.cic.us and someone should get in touch with a special invitation link!


What is the wireless network?

You can use either the "CIC" or "CIC-A" network and there is no password. To ensure your communication is secure and private, use only encrypted "https" websites (most are). You are also welcome to use the "CIC-Encrypted" WPA2 network, password "fix the world through innovation" (with spaces).


How do I print a document? 

You can find the directions to set up the printers by clicking each printer name below.

Our third floor printer's name is Manatee, and is located on the north side of the third floor. On the sixth floor, we have three printers. The black and white printers—Alligator and Gecko—can be found on the north east and south east sides of the building, respectively. The color printer—Flamingo—can be found in the north east side of the building, by Alligator.


How much am I allowed to print?

You have unmetered access to printing. Please be mindful of what and how much you are printing, as these are all shared resources. 


How do I scan a document?

At the shared printers, insert your USB drive into the designated slot. Two options will appear: Scan to USB and Print from USB.  Click on the option to scan to USB.  Place your document face up into the document feeder, or you can place your document face down onto the glass, then press start.  Your document will be scanned to your USB.  Please wait a moment for the document to be saved to your USB before removing it, or the job will be deleted and you will have to repeat the steps.



  • Our fax number is +1 305-603-7565.
  • To send and receive, please use the Manatee shared printer on the 3rd floor.
  • At Manatee, press the “Fax” button on the main menu.
  • To fax a document long distance: please enter +1, the area code, and the phone number.
  • To fax a document locally: please enter the area code, and the phone number.
  • A confirmation page will be printed once the document is transferred.